Developing Innovative and Transformative Cellular Immunotherapies

SenlangBio is a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to utilizing cell and gene engineering technologies to generate innovative and transformative cellular immunotherapies for patients with solid tumor and hematologic cancers.


We are the Largest Cell Therapy Company in Northern China

SenlangBio is currently the largest cell therapy company in Northern China in terms of the scale of bio-manufacturing, as well as the breadth and depth of active pre-clinical research and clinical development programs. We are in the process of further capturing the cell therapy markets in other regions of China, as well as planning for international multi-center clinical studies.

Currently, over 300 patients have received 15 of our cellular immunotherapies through early-stage clinical studies at 13 hospitals and medical centers, covering 9 unmet medical indications.  

Our robust state-of-the-art GMP bio-manufacturing facility (18,000 sq. ft.) has the capacity and capability to produce:

  • 5 autologous CAR-T production lines with an estimated annual output of 5,000 unit doses
  • 2 universal CAR-γδ T production lines with an estimated annual output of 10,000 unit doses

Our Mission & Vision

To develop and deliver next-generation cellular immunotherapies to meet the needs of cancer patients.


Our Key Differentiators

By leveraging unique core technology platforms and rapid research-to-clinical translation capabilities, we seek to develop a profile of cell therapy candidates with the following features of differentiating competence:  

  • Diverse pipeline (“autologous” + “universal”) candidates with potent and durable cancer-killing activities (hematologic + solid tumor malignancies)
  • High tolerability and established safety profile
  • Provide therapies for novel oncogenic indications that are unmet by the current generation of cellular immunotherapies
  • Accelerated research-to-clinical translation enabling widespread patient accessibility and broader commercial adoption

Unique Technology Platforms

Our three cell therapy technology platforms include chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cells (CAR-T), allogeneic CAR Gamma Delta T-cells (CAR-γδ T-cell), and armored tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (armTILs).

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A Pipeline that Targets Solid Tumor and Hematologic Cancers

Our pipeline represents a broad repertoire of diverse-functionality candidates that target a variety of cancer indications

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Our Team is at the Forefront of Cancer Immunotherapy

We have built a strong R&D team that is dedicated to our becoming a leader in the field of cellular immunotherapy. Our tumor immunity specialist, Dr. Jianqiang Li, the Scientific Founder and CSO of  SenlangBio, has decades of experience working at leading international cancer research centers. Our team also consists of international, dedicated and accomplished Ph.D. and post-doctoral researchers with R&D experiences from around the world.